About Us

We have been in operation as a music school since 2012, and since then have seen many students through concerts and exams. Our main areas of teaching are in Piano, Violin and Cello performance, as well as music theory and composition classes.

As with most teachers, our humble beginnings took place in Drouin, in our lounge room, teaching a handful of students each week. We then moved house to Warragul and continued teaching, working towards growing our school from the top story of our place, which we called the ‘Music Room’. This is where I believe the studio moved forward quickly, and we were fast outgrowing the house, with 2 teachers needing more than just the music room, so our violin teacher begin using one of our back rooms.

Then Covid hit. In 2020 we were forced to begin teaching online, which, if anyone has ever spent that much time on a computer screen before will know what it’s like, square eyes begin setting in! In April of this year the family home moved a half hour away, which left the studio without a home. Since we were online it wasn’t too much of an issue, but we did begin looking around for a suitable location.

Office prices were on the rise during covid, which meant we weren’t able to secure a premise before the end of the first lockdown. We began teaching students from their home, travelling from house to house. It was a great experience, and we really enjoyed getting to know students a little more in their own environment.

God is good, for in November 2020, a green light came on for an office suite in Drouin. There was an occupant already, a guitar teacher, and together we joined forces and used the same premises. It was an open room, no walls or rooms at all, so work commenced to make it into a place that a few teachers could work simultaneously. The rooms were finished, and it finally took the shape of what it is today, Evans Music School in Drouin.

We believe that you are never too young or old to learn music. Whether you’re a senior desiring to experience the joy of music, or have a child that is eager to learn; want to work towards receiving a recognized professional qualification or just want to play for fun, we are able to cater for your needs.

We are able to take students from the beginner stages through to Grade 8 AMEB and VCE music. Students are encouraged and guided through the preparation and presentation of music in concerts and recitals, as well as for their music exams if desired. Although examinations aren’t a mandatory requirement to learn music, they definitely serve as an excellent incentive to study, and go a long way towards developing you as a musician.

Our music school is based in Drouin, Victoria, just a little over an hour out of Melbourne. However, if you happen to live further away that’s not a problem; we offer internet video lessons via Zoom or Skype for no extra cost, which can be a great way to learn if you’re distant.

Our focus is to provide professional music tuition in a relaxed and encouraging environment. As well as instrumental tuition, we also offer Theory, Aural, Sight-reading & Technique training, which for the most part is studied along side the instrument during the weekly lessons, but can also be a stand alone session if desired.

If you are interested in the possibility of learning music, or know of someone who is, please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more, we’d love to hear from you!

Jacob Evans – Associate & Licentiate Diploma in Music, Bachelor of Music Australia
Taylah Evans – Associate Diploma in Music