The Cello is an instrument of extreme expression. The soulful tone of the Cello as often been likened to the human singing voice in the way it conveys the emotional side of music.

While most people know the cello as an instrument of expression, it is also very capable of playing quite fast and virtuosic. The cello is commonly seen in an orchestral or string group setting, but also is used quite frequently as a solo instrument.

The early Cello emerged around the year 1500ad, along with the beginnings of the Violin and Viola. Many people believe that the cello was invented from the Viola da Gamba, an earlier instrument, but there were actually instruments of three sizes in existence, the cello being one of them.

While music for the Cello has suffered during history due to the favouring of the Violin, the 1800’s brought with it a new wave of music, from composers such as Boccherini and Haydn, and grew dramatically more recently from cellists like Rostropovich and Prokofiev.