We Are Currently Taking Students!

What Ages Do You Teach?
Music is for all ages! We believe that no one is ever too young or old to begin learning an instrument. The benefits of learning music are huge, ranging from mental benefits to coordination skills, along with confidence (and, music is just plain fun!) Regardless of your ability or skill, we encourage you to try out an instrument.

Where Are Lessons Held?
Music lessons take place from our studio location in Drouin, Victoria, in the professional suites adjacent to the car wash. For those living outside driving distance of this we are also offering online learning through video call platforms Skype or Zoom. Call today to discuss your options!

What Is Covered In A Standard Lesson?
We teach all ages and abilities. Because of this, lesson types can vary quite a bit.

For beginners, we will teach the basics of the instrument, with a huge focus on technique (the hold and general playing of the instrument), and learning to read sheet music. Basic theory is covered in each lesson, but can also be studied in more depth if desired.

Intermediate and Advanced students are given the option of either continuing with learning for enjoyment, in genres of their choosing, or pursuing a professional line, with the opportunity of music exams and performances.

Regardless of level, we strive to continually move students towards perfecting their abilities, continuing to move forward in music. Music is one of those things that is never completely learned!

Below are some of the topics covered during music lessons:

  • Technique
  • Form and Posture
  • Musical Style
  • Reading and Understanding Music
  • Music Theory
  • Preparation for Exams or Concerts (Optional)
  • Yearly concerts

How Often Do Lessons Take Place?
We take every students schedule into account. This means you can continue to learn even if it is not as frequent as every week.

Lessons generally take place weekly, for a 1/2 hour session. We do however offer fortnightly lessons, as well as different time slot lengths, such as 15 minutes, 45 minutes and a full hour.

I Don’t Have An Instrument. What Can I Do?
We hire out instruments! If you don’t currently own or have an instrument you can use, let us know, and we can fit you out with a temporary instrument. Our hire goes towards purchase as well, meaning that we’ll take off all of the lease you paid should you choose to purchase it.

Do I Need Music Books?
You will need music books to learn, especially if you’re wanting to study sheet music. If you don’t have your own already you can purchase books through us, which will be recommended by your teacher.

Am I Good Enough To Learn?
Music is not a competition, nor is it for professionals only! Often people feel they are not learning as quickly as others and give up, missing out on the joy music can bring. Everyone learns at different speeds, some faster and some slower, and we believe that everyone has the ability in them to be able to play well on their chosen instrument. So come on in and give it a go!

Learning music at Evans Music School will allow you to learn at your own pace, while pushing you to achieve your goals. We cover preparation for AMEB exams and concerts.