I’ve Been Chosen


This piece is based on the fact that God knew us even before we were born. The first verse tells the story of Moses, whom God chose to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt, and the second verse is more intimate, explaining that we must chose ourselves to rely on Jesus for strength in everyday life.

Verse 1
He’d been running for years from the man he once new,
and the thing that he feared was what he’d been asked to do;
“Go rescue my people from that wicked king,
Bring forth the nation that you’ve been chosen to bring.”

I’ve been chosen, I’ve been chosen;
He chose me before I chose Him.
He is the vine, we are the branches;
I’ll love him, for He first loved me.

Verse 2
I was worn out, confused, couldn’t get my day right,
I was using my own strength to live in the light;
But then I heard Jesus say words oh so true,
“Abide in me, and then I will in you!”




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